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Hu Jinhe, member of the Standing Committee of Yongkang Municipal Committeedeputy mayor, led a team to investigate the 330 National Road Reconstruction Project
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On the afternoon of November 7, 2018, Hu Jinhe, member of the Standing Committee of Yongkang Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, led a team to conduct research on the 330 National Road Reconstruction Project. Yongkang Transportation Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Forestry Bureau, and Safety Supervision Bureau Accompanied by leaders such as Huajie Town, the deputy commander of the 330 National Highway gave a detailed report on the basic situation of this tender.
    Mr. Hu and his party visited the current construction situation of the tender section and made a detailed understanding of the next construction plan. Mayor Hu fully affirmed the progress made in the key traffic engineering projects, and deployed the existing land acquisition problems in this tender. It is required to firmly grasp the time nodes, increase the active communication, and face the difficult problems to find ways to speed up the construction progress. Without delay, we will strengthen the coordination and ensure the progress according to local conditions.

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